Scottish Solicitors Opt for Law Society Regulation

Scottish Solicitors Opt for Law Society Regulation

New independent research published this month has revealed that Scottish solicitors want the Law Society of Scotland to continue to regulate them.

93% of respondents stated that they wanted the Law Society to continue to be responsible for representation, support and regulation of solicitors in Scotland, according to independent research by Mark Diffley Consultancy and Research and Survation with 91% believing that the Law Society is an effective regulator of the solicitor profession.

A further 73% of respondents consider representing the profession on regulatory changes to be a high priority for the Law Society. The survey also highlighted that 73% of respondents think investigating conduct complaints against solicitors should be a high priority for the Law Society. 83% have said that another high priority should be intervening in law firms where a critical failure has been identified.

The results of the survey follow the publication of a report into the future of the regulation of legal services in Scotland by Esther Roberton in October last year. The report’s central recommendation is to create a new single regulator for the whole of the Scottish legal profession. Something which the Law Society disagrees with because of potential unnecessary risk to consumer protection and increased costs.

Alison Atack, President of the Law Society of Scotland said

“The independent research shows that an overwhelming majority of Scottish solicitors agree that the Law Society should continue to both regulate and represent solicitors.


“The Law Society has 70 years of experience of setting and upholding education and entry standards to the profession, setting practice and ethical standards and auditing and upholding financial compliance.


“There is little evidence within Esther Roberton’s report to support the need for a new regulator, which could increase costs for consumers and weaken professional standards. We do agree with the majority of her recommendations and welcome her call for more flexible legislation to ensure the regulatory structure can keep pace with a rapidly changing market in legal services.”

512 Scottish solicitors and trainee solicitors took part in the telephone survey commissioned by the Law Society of Scotland.

When asked what the biggest single issue facing Scottish solicitors is, the top answer was Brexit with 17% stating this. 24% of respondents have said Brexit features in advice given to clients a great deal or a fair amount. 53% think Brexit will have a negative impact on their business over the next two years, just 7% think Brexit will have a positive impact.

More details about the survey can be found on the Law Society of Scotland’s website.

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