Practising Certificate Issues

Practising Certificate Issues

In order for any one to be able to practice as a solicitor, or to be held out as a solicitor, in England & Wales then he or she must be admitted as a solicitor, be on the roll of solicitors and, except in very limited circumstances, hold a current practising certificate issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Often solicitors and trainee solicitors find that they are experiencing problems in connection with that a practising certificate. The nature of those problems will vary but may include issues involving:

  • applying for a certificate;
  • conditions being placed upon the the certificate, restricting the solicitor’s freedom to practise;
  • needing to know whether a practising certificate is necessary;
  • practising unlawfully without a certificate; or
  • having a practising certificate suspended.

Whatever the problem, the Lawyers Defence Group can assist you.

We have substantial experience of assisting with a wide range of practising certificate related problems including:

  • defending proceedings for practising uncertificated;
  • assisting applicants to apply for a practising certificate when they have issues of suitability – for example a conviction;
  • assisting lawyers in ascertaining whether the type of work they are involved in requires a practising certificate; and
  • helping solicitors avoid, or mitigate the effects of, a suspension.

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