Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity

From both a regulatory and business management perspective, having an equal and diverse practice continues to be of vital importance and all firms and individual solicitors should be aware not only of the legal and regulatory requirements not to discriminate but of the many benefits that flow from operating an equal and diverse approach to practice and, indeed, life.

Not only is it a requirement of the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 that solicitors and their staff encourage equality of opportunity, respect diversity and prevent unlawful discrimination in their relationship with clients and others, but also it makes good business sense as well. Those who have embraced equality in its fullest sense have usually found that their practice has improved as a result, and that its staff and clients have benefited.

The Lawyers Defence Group can assist you and your firm in complying with equality and diversity legislation and regulation as well as assisting you in making the most of an equal and diverse practice.

However, in addition to the general benefits which arise from the adoption of an equal and diverse method of working, there is a growing regulatory imperative for firms not only to adopt equal and diverse practices but also to ensure that others are aware of the steps they have or are taking. For example, firms are now required to collect, report and publish workforce diversity data following the implementation of the Legal Services Board’s transparency requirements. Firms must report their aggregated diversity data on the Organisation Diversity Data page of mySRA by 31 January 2014 at the latest and sanctions will be imposed upon those who do not do so.

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