The Legal Services Act has opened up considerably the way in which lawyers are able to practise and the advent of the Legal Disciplinary Practice has meant that many existing and new legal practices will contain not only one particular type of lawyer but may be a partnership or company made up of many different types of lawyers all working together as managers of the business.

It is essential, therefore, that anyone seeking to provide assistance to law firms is able to provide a full range of advice that can address the needs not simply of one branch of the profession but of solicitors, barristers, legal executives, paralegals and everyone else involved in the practise of the law. The Lawyers Defence Group is able to provide that wide range of assistance.

The Lawyers Defence Group has been established so that everyone working in, or associated with, any form of legal practice, can have easy and quick access to the appropriate solicitor or other professional able to advice them. The Lawyers Defence Group can arrange for help to be provided to:

  • solicitors and trainee solicitors,
  • barristers and pupils,
  • licensed conveyancers,
  • notaries,
  • CILEX members and student members,
  • paralegals,
  • accounting and administrative staff,
  • licensed insolvency practitioners,
  • trade mark and patent attorneys,
  • immigration advisers, and
  • foreign, overseas and European lawyers.

Moreover, the Lawyers Defence Group is not limited to providing assistance to individuals. We can help partnerships, limited liability partnerships, recognised bodies, chambers and legal disciplinary practices, as well as sole practitioners, to obtain the right advice on a wide range of business and regulatory matters including:

  • guidance and advice on the move from one business structure to another,
  • guidance on alternative business structures, and
  • guidance on the ways in which you and your business may be able to be financed in the future.

For further information, contact the Lawyers Defence Group by:

  • telephoning during office hours – 0333 888 4070,
  • requesting a call-back using the call-back request form to the right,
  • telephoning our out of hours number (but please only in an emergency – for example when someone has been arrested or you believe that your firm might be about to be intervened in) 07952 861 868,
  • emailing us at, or
  • writing to us at one of the addresses at the bottom of this web page.