Solicitors today face a greater range of challenges than at any other time. The past few years have seen many practices close down, some because of lack of work, others as a result of the increase in the cost of, or failure to obtain, professional indemnity insurance.

For those that remain, the problems of how to deal with growing overheads, increasing competition and an increasingly vigilant regulator, whilst still serving the needs of clients and continuing to remain financially viable, continues to be an issue.

The Lawyers Defence Group can provide you with a wide range of information, guidance, help and assistance relevant to your practice, in order to help you to cope with these pressures. This includes advice in relation to issues such as:

  • conduct,
  • regulation,
  • partnership,
  • employment,
  • finance, and
  • management

Not only can we provide you with traditional solicitor-client services, but also you will find useful information and guidance on this web site and in our regulatory bulletins whihc we send out from time to time.

Amongst the information you will have access to, and which is relevant to solicitors, is:

  • what to expect from a Solicitors Regulation Authority investigation,
  • avoiding or coping with an intervention,
  • the nature of SRA disciplinary sanctions and how they are likely to affect you,
  • handling complaints within your practice,
  • setting up in, and retiring from, practice, and
  • issues relating to money laundering, finance, fraud and many other matters.

You will also find helpful links to other information provided by organisations such as the Law Society, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Legal Ombudsman as well as news items, current information and regulatory and conduct related case reports.

To find the information you require, use the drop down menus above or if there is a particular topic with which you require help, use the search box to the right of this page or for instant access to the right information.

For further information, contact the Lawyers Defence Group by:

  • telephoning during office hours – 0333 888 4070,
  • requesting a call-back using the call-back request form to the right,
  • telephoning our out of hours number (but please only in an emergency – for example when someone has been arrested or you believe that your firm might be about to be intervened in) 07952 861 868,
  • emailing us at, or
  • writing to us at one of the addresses at the bottom of this web page.