About Us

About Us

Services to all lawyers

Established and operated by Richard Nelson LLP and Murdochs Solicitors, and with the benefit of a panel of expert solicitors, barristers and consultants to draw upon, the Lawyers Defence Group was created to service a significant gap in the provision of defence services for solicitors, legal executives, licensed conveyancers, legal cashiers, barristers, paralegals and everyone else working in and associated with the provisions of legal services.

As with many other professions, the legal profession is becoming subject to a significant amount of regulatory and conducted-related requirements, with the result that increasingly those in practice are having to spend considerable amounts of time dealing with the management and conduct of their practices. Add to this the complexity of many of the new regulations, the increase in the number of bodies involved in the regulatory process and the constant efforts of everyone to drive down prices, and it can soon be seen that for many in the law simply finding out what they are meant to be doing from a business, conduct and regulatory perspective becomes almost impossible.

Helping lawyers to cope with today’s practice requirements

The Lawyers Defence Group is there to help you cope with the regulatory, practice and management problems that can arise on an almost daily basis.

It can provide everyone in legal practice with easy and convenient access to a wide range of guidance materials and advice – on-line, by telephone, by email and in person. In this way the Lawyers Defence Group can ensure that you and your firm are provided with the advice and guidance you need in what are likely to be extremely difficult times.

The Lawyers Defence Group helps all legal professionals who find themselves the subject of an investigation, who are facing the possibility of having sanctions imposed by their regulator, have practice or personal problems or who are struggling with some aspect of their business or professional life.

Nationwide coverage

With offices in London (central and east), Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Cambridgeshire and Bristol, and with access to a panel of other solicitors, barristers and consultants throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, the Lawyers Defence Group can ensure that no matter where you are and where you practise, help can be readily at hand.