Setting up in Practice

Setting up in Practice

Whether you are planning to establish yourself as a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, the steps involved in setting up a practice need to be given careful thought and attention. Not only are there a raft of regulatory requirements with which you must comply, but also increasingly you will need to give thought to other issues such a business and financial plans, marketing plans, disaster recovery and contingency planning. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will succeed in obtaining necessary authorisation unless you have done so.

Setting up in practice, whether on your own or in partnership or conjunction with others is a serious step to take and should never be undertaken lightly. It is not something which you can, or should, do without a great deal of thought and forward planning and you should be especially aware of the fact that, as with marriage, it is not always as easy to undo as it was to do.

The Lawyers Defence Group can help you with this process and help you to ensure that you have taken all of the necessary regulatory and other steps to achieve a successful outcome.

From business, financial and marketing plans to questions as to the structure and nature of the business, we can help you to give the appropriate consideration to all aspects of the set up including, but not limited to:

  • business and financial planning,
  • creating a marketing plan,
  • indemnity insurance arrangements,
  • accounts rules requirements,
  • regulatory requirements,
  • putting in place policies and procedures,
  • what your practice can be called,
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